Missed This Little Trend

by The Busdrivers

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Made in Canada


released April 19, 2001

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ronnie Cates at Mirror Image Studios in Gainesville, Florida.

Produced by The Busdrivers.

All music and lyrics written by Sterling, except "Four" (music by Matt & Sterling, lyrics by Matt) and "Can't Turn Away" (music and lyrics by Erin).




The Busdrivers Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Four
you tease me, abuse me
mislead and confuse me
but I guess I'm hanging around
I sit there, I take it
I don’t think I'll make it
my ego nowhere to be found

I need you I plead you
so why can’t I see you
is this the way it’s going to be?
well hell no I won’t go
just cause you you say so
why can’t you be happy with me?

and maybe someday you’ll figure out
why I care and what I'm all about
you’ll see that it’s okay cause I'm still here for you

hey now, don’t play with me
I'm trying to find some clarity
I care, please speak to me
this is where I want to be

hey now, don’t play with me
I'm trying to find some clarity
don’t care, don’t speak to me
this is where I want to be
Track Name: Maybe Next Time
you think you understand me?
you really have no clue
yesterday you told me
that I was a fucking fool

you took my words for granted
that I wouldn't leave
so I headed out the front door
maybe next time you'll believe

and I'm gone so long
it's been a lot of fun
it's what you've done to me
maybe next time you'll see
Track Name: Josh's Shirt
I wish I could say I'm happy but I'm not
I wish I could go on living life with everything I've got
and just know you believe in me

and I know this lines been used before
but some thing’s never change
and you know what lies behind the door
but something's in your way

it’s me I'll be right here
whispering in your ear
all the things you want to hear
I'll be here
no one cares what they say
they’re just in your way
blue will kill all of the gray
when you find a way

I know you can’t say you’re sorry but you should
if I had someone to leave you know I would
and you know I believe in you
Track Name: Holding On
looks like we have missed this little trend
we’re in the same predicament once again
and I know that only one thing’s for sure
I know that you have heard all of this before

so think about this when you think you’re getting pissed
don’t you think about anything but holding on
try to realize that even though we’ve tried
you know that we are no where near far gone

and there’s one thing that I just can’t understand
how any one can turn on a newly signed band
and maybe all the world will start anew
and maybe one day hard work will all come thru

not me, no, cause I don’t want to be a nobody on this level, I want to be star
don’t want to think about all those times they laughed cause we thought we might go far
and still I think it might just be taking us too long
when everything keeps going wrong
I'll keep holding on.
Track Name: Really
that was the time that we shared
I wondered why you were not there
it must be true you do not care about me anymore (whore)
you said it's time and I must leave
maybe I should get a weave
and go out w/ that prick named Steve that you left me for

it's really not fair how you really don't care
and I'm really getting scared I really am
and if you really don't quit your really stupid shit
I'm going to really fuck you over in the end

time to stop this madness now
you ask me how? I'll tell you how
leave me now and I'll be proud it's true
before this ska band gets paid
there's one thing I'd like to say
you said it just the other day: fuck you
Track Name: Not The Same
life is peachy got a cool ska band
other people try to beat me but we got the upper hand
they say hey stop got to join our band dude
fuck that but I don't mean to seem rude

they just don't know how I feel
cause I've got something so fucking real

you're not the same
not the same
you're too lame for my game
you're not the same

so I finally got a girl and she's so sweet
every time I see her want to sweep her of her feet
girls say hey stop want to come with me man?
no way I got bigger better plans
Track Name: Kelli
okay you’re right, I was wrong
and I’ve been wrong all along
and now it’s time we give it up and let it go
too bad it’s not as easy as I say
and too much shit is in our way
it’s over I thought I’d let you know

that I’ve found someone who makes me laugh and feel warm at night
now I know that everything will be alright because

I don’t need you anymore
I never loved you cause you acted like a whore
I should have known what they said was all true
now it’s too bad cause I cant stand, I cant stand you

times are changing rearranging anything we’d had
I guess something was wrong all along so how could I be sad?
yeah, I do not like you, I don’t want to be your friend
open up your god damn eyes, we’re at the fucking end

did you think I’d give you one last chance to make things right?
you would just fuck that up
there’s no way that I’d ever let you get too close and hurt me again

I don’t need you anymore
I never loved you, you were just another whore
how did I know you would fuck this up too?
now it’s too bad cause I can’t stand, I can’t stand you Kelli with an I
Track Name: Can't Turn Away
two hundred miles between us, I'd walk them all for you.
it's really so exciting to find someone new.
and tell me that your feeling the way I feel today.
and tell me that you need me, tell me I'm okay. yeah.

I was your brief obsession, I really thought you cared.
but your a well-versed actor who's emotionally impaired.
you're brushing me off like I'm only here to bother you.
there's nothing going for us, but I can't accept that as true.

I don't think that my face ever passes thru your mind.
I see you in the hallway we bump shoulders all the time.
and I don't think you care enough to give me the time of day.
but I can't turn away.

now, I've gotten over you, it didn't take that long.
if only I'd known from the start with you there's something wrong.
for every person in this world, there's someone who is meant to be.
and I realize that with you, is not the place for me.

Track Name: It's Been Too Long
I can almost see thru
your beautiful smile
yeah it takes me back
it’s been quite a while
if you’ll stay with me
you can rest assured
silence is the key
I won’t say a word cause it’s

it’s going to be alright, going to be okay
you’re still with me, you said you’d stay
don’t go away, it’s been too long
but when I look in your eyes all I see
is that innocent girl that lied to me
maybe they’re right, maybe I'm wrong
then why did I write this fucking song?
maybe they’re right, maybe I'm wrong, it’s been too long

you seen me yesterday
you looked so surprised
yeah, I know that look
that stupid look in your eyes
just to believe again
hold my trust in your hands
we can talk together
maybe you’ll understand that it’s

it's going to be alright now
it’s going to be okay
we’re going to make it thru and watch all the pain drift away
you got to stay with me
you got to always be mine
no matter what they say, everything’s going to be just fine
Track Name: So Much To Want
every time I think about you, I think about it all.
not wanting to ever break down or even break at all.
so how do I get thru this now?

everyday it seemed like progress, but nothing's changed.
and every day, conditions regressed now everything changed.
how do I get thru this now?

somebody please wake me when everything's okay
I haven't got to sleep since last Sunday
they say we shouldn't worry.
if everything's okay, why can't he just say?
please don't lie to me. hold on, please.
wait, why am I still in my sleep?

dear Keith, I saw you take this fall,
and I stood useless thru it all.
you said please pray and you just cried.
well, there's no hope because I've tried.
if I could take it back, I'd take it
I think of all the time I've wasted
so much to ask for, so much to want

nobody can tell me that everything's okay
I wish that were true and if that's the case,
why is there so much shouting?
people in the hall, heads held in their hands,
they know he's gone, but no one understands what's happening.
Track Name: Bourbon Street
so nice to see a beautiful girl on these lonely streets
I was suffering from this cruel world, you were just who I needed to meet
as I walk by you, I think of what to say
and I forget as you walk away

I can’t blow this now, I'm just about to talk
just as I find the right things to say, yeah, towards me you start to walk
and I look at you, you look at me
damn, this is not going to be easy

then you ask me for a kiss
what the hell, I can’t resist
I am just a horny kid
then you walk away from me,
talk about your irony
I wonder what it was I did

it’s three a.m. and I'm looking for you and no ones around
where the hell could you have gone, I've been all over this town
then I see you for the third time today
and you don’t even look my way

now it’s after four a.m.
and I am lonely once again
so I'll tell you what I think as I take another drink
I think that you’re retarded
you should come to 102, I'll spend the night with you
and we’ll finish what we started

why did you want a kiss?
how the hell could I resist when I'm just a lonely kid?
don’t you walk away from me
the hell with irony, I don’t need this shit
Track Name: Girl Song
at one time I thought I had you all to myself
so I put all the other possibilities up on the shelf
and you laughed at me when I stared at you I just wanted to see
what it was you had that hurt so bad, you’re killing me

and what is this thing we have?
I know that it isn’t love

and what is this shit that I have on my mind?
why do I think of you all of the time?
is it possible that your just blind?
maybe I should give in when you give your signs

it seems time has taken its toll on us
feel free to give me a call if you must
I know you can’t be swayed and your mind is made up
maybe one day you’ll care, yay-e-yeah.

and what is this shit that I have on my mind?
why do I think of you all the fucking time?
you’re impossible, you must be blind
and I'm not giving in when you give your signs